Lydia Clemence

I was born and raised in South Minneapolis, surrounded by very creative family and friends. Graphic design enables me to experiment with various media and put it into a digital frame. My visual identity is holistic, flexible and detail oriented. Strategically, my work aims to elevate the message and product while focusing on the small details.

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Breaking Grounds

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Lydia Clemence

Breaking Grounds takes natural components from the source and tailors them to your specific mental health needs. Breaking Grounds is a unique approach that considers what your body and mind need to thrive. I feel that natural alternatives are the way of the future for better mental health care.Though these are not your typical pharmaceutical treatments and are not a replacement to any prescriptions you may be taking, it is a start to your mental and physical wellness journey and is a great remedy that stands on its own or to be an addition to your care. Breaking Grounds helps you change your perspective and guides you, step by step, to mental wellness.

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