Lucie McBride

Hi, I'm Lucie! I am finishing up a double degree in Strategic Communication and Graphic Design with a minor in User Experience. In my Strategic Communication degree, I have learned to craft unique messages and campaigns for products, brands, and services while using multiple media platforms. My Graphic Design degree has taught me how to make those unique messages and campaigns come alive. My User Experience minor has an emphasis on human-centered design. This minor taught me how to think about the user at the center of my design process. I believe that my focus in school provides a deeper understanding of the process that is used when critically and strategically designing for an agency and its clients. My former employers have described me as an ambitious user advocate who likes to discover cutting-edge experiences through human-centered design!

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Office Operation ~ Advertising Agency Edition

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Lucie McBride

The goal of this game is to educate high school age students with tidbits of information about what goes on in an office.

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