Kirsten Gelle

Hi, I'm Kirsten Gelle (she/they), a queer bisexual designer, body-ornament-enthusiast, and interdisciplinary artist in Minneapolis. I am passionate about the process of designing holistically without sacrificing precision. Through my work, I aim to create a more inclusive human experience for all.

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Bend Jwlry

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Kirsten Gelle

Bend Jwlry © is a jewelry studio, virtual treasure hunt, and creative collective based on Bde Ota land / aka MPLS. We believe in a world where beauty is radical and authentic, and where jewelry is intentional, communal, human-centered, and ethically made.

Bend focuses on offering a collection of 3 playful, adjustable rings that are meant for sizes 5 through 11.

Our rings were scouted specifically for being handmade, ethically sourced, sustainable, and pretty dang cool.

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