Holly Cook

I have a great imagination. This has led me from doodles on game boxes in childhood, to rough sketches, to art, and now graphic design. My favorite art form among many is to design and craft physical creations by hand. Besides art I love reading, Minnesota nature, and animals of any kind.

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Tree of Life, Fighting Cancer Stigma

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Holly Cook

Tree of life is a physical exhibition and an educational interactive experience. The exhibition is based around educating people on cancer stigma. Cancer stigma can hurt those afflicted with cancer,  and those involved in the treatment or support system of these people. I will use display boards that have four of the myths and their truths about this topic.The second interaction will be the ability for people to write on and hang leafs on the tree. The leads are to honor anyone the viewer might have gone threw this issue. They are also able to just honor those that have survived or not.

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