Grace Carlson

hi, I'm grace! as a creative, I view myself as a problem-solver; I am passionate about proposing creative questions and finding logical answers to solve them. along with design, I minored in digital media studies to further understand how digital communication impacts design. I use this combination of creativity and logic as my basis for starting a career in social media & marketing.

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scrolling — no scrolling

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Grace Carlson

"scrolling — no scrolling" is an installation to offer discourse around the negative effects of social media, that led us to being addicted to our phones. The information is presented in a satirical manner; but the content of this information is far from satire. I use the term “phones” and “scrolling” rather than placing the blame for this addiction solely on social media as the problem at hand (literally) has reached a point that pushes past the enjoyment of apps in which we interact with, but to a point of a habitual need to use the device itself.

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