Cassia Collins

Hey, I’m Cassia! I’m a Graphic Designer with an emphasis on Branding/Visual Identity and UI design. I have loved the art of storytelling and creative expression in any form since I was a kid. I decided to pursue Graphic Design, because of the ability to take any story and to create a point of connection between people. After I graduate, I plan to work with unconventional and forward-thinking brands to create designs that have a positive impact on people's lives.

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Kind Mind

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Cassia Collins

Kind Mind is a social support network that creates a place for individuals dealing with the mental effects of burnout and stress from our society’s work culture. It welcomes people to share their experience and to provide support for others. It starts with a social awareness campaign to spark the conversation on how mental health is being address in our society. The Kind Mind app creates a space for those individuals to continue the conversation and connect with others.

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