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Aislinn Swan is an artist, designer, barista, and creative. With a respect for the analog, they create for those who want hand-made.

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Project Ivy

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Aislinn Swan

What story did you need to hear as a child?

Now, that’s a big question and you probably don’t have the answer right now.

That’s the conclusion I’ve come to as well.

Project Ivy touches on LGBTQIA+ topics as well as taking a deep dive into inner child healing. The project provides short, hand-illustrated zines as well as stickers that are a reflection of being both queer and a young adult. The zine tells a short story of a non-binary person named Ivy. They never really fit in and didn’t know why. It wasn’t until they met their people did they find inner peace. Both the stickers and zines provided at the exhibition are temporary and fluid, much like this time of my life. Take one or two, look at it, read it, keep it forever or toss it away, ultimately that’s up to you. But there is nothing precious about Project Ivy and the medium and illustration style reflect this mission. I hope this makes you think about your smaller self, what they needed and wanted, and what you can do for them now.

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